About Us

Stonewall Leisure was born out of our own need for a camper in 2015 after selling our motorhome. Looking around we couldn't find a suitable layout or a high quality conversion, so we decided that we could do better ourselves and we did. Following on from that and the many compliments received the decision was made to move on from our vehicle repair business into the camper conversion market, and in 2019 Stonewall Leisure was formed.

Our passion and pride can be seen in the work we do, we invest ourselves in to the vans that leave our workshop. Each job, no matter what it is, will be carried out to the highest standards as if it were our own. Since starting we've never had to advertise to get work through the door, we've built up our reputation through word of mouth and people actually seeing the conversions we do, offering a very personal really helps too.

At first our conversions were carried out from home (fortunately had a reasonable large garage), but as business grew we needed more space. In May 2021 we made the move to Stokesley to our current premises which is over 4x the floorspace we had already, this meant it was time to start bringing forward our long term plans. In comes our large scale CNC Router (which is capable of loading a 10' x 5' board on to) so we can now start doing our own designs of kitchen and wardrobes etc. This was a game changer for us! We've spent a lot of time developing our designs to be practical, utilising as much space as possible, but without compromising on stylish looks and poor fitment.

Having built up quite a bit of stock for our own use and selling some parts to customers and friends on an ad hoc basis, the logical move was to start selling online. The online store comprises mostly but not exclusively of products that we use on our conversions, and will covering pretty much everything needed for a conversion. Customers benefit from us already having done the groundwork of sourcing and rigorous testing of products for quality and suitability. As this was a completely new venture for us and having limited experience with retail we've launched with a reduced number of items to make sure we can carry over our first class standard of customer service. As time goes on we will keep adding to our product range.

Please note that larger & expensive products may have to be sourced from our suppliers and whilst some may be available within a few days others may have longer lead times.

As with a lot of industries we are still subject to some long lead times, some currently of up to 26 weeks at the moment and others have no timescale available.

Meet The Team

Chris Chilvers

Chris is the man behind the Stonewall Leisure origin. Being a lover of the great outdoors and campling, moving into this industry allowed him to combine those joys with a creative outlet for functional and stylish design. 

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Kate Irvine

Kate joined us in November 2021, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge from retail and design from some large companies.

Having been friends with Chris for over 20 years, she had seen Stonewall Leisure grow from day one, so it was easy for her to hit the ground running and become part of the family.

Malcom Chilvers

Having retired 20th March 2020 it was time for Malcolm to enjoy a well earned retirement. Get out visiting place new and old, catch up with friends, do whatever he felt like, or so he thought. Yep, 23rd March 2020 we went in to lockdown, and that meant he spent over a year stuck at home due to being vulnerable.

Moving forward though and he's the official Dogsbody (his words) for Stonewall Leisure. He has a lifetime of knowledge which is utilised mostly behind the scenes to keep things moving, from camping experience, to electrics and more.

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